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We love using archetypes. To better manipulate characterization, let's try understanding how physical traits can also translate into personality and archetype. In this lesson, we wil simply study the forehead, and see how depending on the size, as a writer we can create a better visual of a particular character.


If the physical description of you character is that their forehead is


too large,

it means that your character is 


laborious but has a solid memory


Small – predispositions to avarice

Wide – Tendency to anger

Too long, very even – cruel, suspicious and vindictive

Narrow, low, prominent – energetic and enterprising

Round (convex) – gentleness

Retreating inward – egoism and weakness

Smooth and flat – middling, imagination and intelligence

Flattened, knotty, irregular – brutality, criminality

Arched – femininity

Straight – great, intellect

Unwrinkled – cold, hypocrisy

Wrinkled horizontally – softness

Set wrinkles – weak intellect

Deeply wrinkled above the eyes – slow mind

Crossed by a swollen vein – great abilities

Now, try writing a paragraph featuring two characters, combining two of these physical traits each. 

Next Week: Eyes & Eyebrows


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