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The Secret To Keeping A Man

Inspired by Pamela Anderson/Originally written 2006

Perhaps, I was right when I told you my love, that we should focus only on developing our friendship.

Even though I merely have to smell your pheromones or taste your cherry lips, to desire your touch, it is all an illusion-some superficial cupid that has me actually believing that love at first sight is real. There is no love at first sight-at first lust is more appropriate. For we all lust like jackal pups in heat, and we act on blind emotion, rather than experience.

If we are to find love, then the first stage is to explore friendship. Over long periods, romance comes in stages like seasons. After we quench the thirst, sex becomes the fulfillment of need and not the fulfillment of love. Intercourse that satisfies the lust and not explores the love does not strengthen the relationship. It only strengthens the moment. Only friendship can strengthen our relationship-for I want more than many moments of raw sex. I want many moments of raw appreciation-which no video can capture.

For when I think of my compadre, my true friend, I think of loyalty. Loyalty so strong that not even bars of prison or extremely evil doings could disseminate it. When I am around a best friend, there is no part of me that that person has not seen-my lows or my really lows.

My insecurities may become source of my best friend’s annoyances, not a source for resentment. When I think of a best friend, I know that a fight does not mean the end of our friendship. It only means that, for the moment, either you or I am being a jerk. I can be myself entirely around a best friend, flaws exposed like a tear in an expensive dress, or a nip not tucked. I can lose myself around my best friend, while at the same time, find myself-with no pressure.

We cannot find a friendship like that on an excursion or vacation. Because what we have, my dear, we must cherish forever. And for that, we need time no beach-front resort can give. For out of our devoted time to simply become friends, we will become “life partners” and marriage will have no meaning except that we have agreed to a partnership, one that includes building financial and social properties.

We will secure an acknowledgment that at some point, we will procreate in celebration of our union of respect to each others mutual goals.

Therefore, we will focus on being … just friends … of … of a carnal nature. This is the secret to keeping us honest—It is simply trust.

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