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No More Suncest

Barefoot, blue eyes chillin' out back Heaven's on her mind like a drowning cat Hand in pocket, the other holding a Corona No more sunsets in Arizona

As a matter of fact, I think she's found Jesus, so she can't look back

So she says ... I'm, gonna be a superstar, In California A million dollars for every scar 'Cause I don't wanna be no Trailer Park Barbie She puts on her boots and grabs her keys Kisses her lipstick and takes one last pee With Daddy gone, she's a loner No more sunsets in Arizona

As a matter of fact ... Same time each nite, her pillow is wet And like a Rock n Roll woman, many secrets are kept

Can't seem to forget, what Daddy’s shown her

She's so glad he's buried deep in Arizona

As a matter of fact … there’s no turning back

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