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we ain't gotta do nothin' but kiss

Every time your lips touch mine A million explosions blow in my mind I would swear your lips were made for only me 'Cause with every kiss, I'm so complete I've got every single kiss memorized From the very first, to the many last night I can taste you on my lips Your my addiction, 'cause I'm so fixed in You - I can't take one single breath without You - I don't know where I would be without You - The most beautiful part of my life is You - Please keep her kisses true Every time I kiss your neck I take my time, 'cause I know that makes you wet You always moan when our lips meet It's that kinda thing that makes each kiss so sweet And we ain't gotta do nothin' but kiss I'm on fire-girl I'm feelin' this I'm fiendin' for those cherry lips You're my addiction, 'cause I'm so fixed in ...You

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