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Creative Aritsts! Want To Be Rich? Here's How ...

I. Respect the Art a. Always Be On-Time to Class/Gigs b. Study Your Craft i. Research who’s who and what’s what ii. Repetition until innately instinctual iii. Investing your time in the art (build a library of acting books or DVDs for constant review and study, take classes, teach workshops) II. Act the Part a. Take Advantage of Every Opportunity to Shine b. Always Be Prepared to Market Yourself c. Learn when to be humble and when to be cocky (be careful that humility and shyness don’t prevent you from using initiative) III. Be Proactive a. Don’t Depend on One Person or One Thing for Your Success b. Make your Manager, Agent, and Your Teacher Work (Be Persistent, Yet Patient) c. Cover All Bases (Conditions set you up to fail-set yourself up to succeed) i. Make Tentative Back-Up Plans for Appointments ii. Call Ahead of Time to Confirm Appointments iii. Provide Solutions or Suggestions that will Satisfy Your Daily Goals or Daily Agenda (if someone tries to cancel or post-pone, suggest a later time for that day if possible) IV. Teach Yourself How to Always Find Your “Peace Spot” a. Learn how to Love and Accept Who You Are by self-affirmations, positive verbalizing and confident self-thoughts b. Try to Center Yourself around Positive Entities (people, books, thoughts, and/or places) c. Give Yourself a Monthly Dose of Positive Vibrations (yoga class, read a spiritual/motivational book, view “The Secret”, meditate, hike, take a relaxing swim, whatever creates an aura of universal positive energy-DO THIS AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH) V. Get a Flexible Job a. Prioritize (remember your goals but develop your job skills so that you can make steady money) b. Be a Go-Getter for unless you are really lucky or you hang out at the casting couch, you’ll need to have some type of income-JUST KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE (Those that have been in the game for a long time all share a commonality with persistence, work ethic, and disappointments-MOST PEOPLE DON’T FAIL-THEY GIVE UP) c. Never act like your agent owes you a favor for calling you for a gig, whether principle or background work-BE PROFESSIONAL, TACTFUL and POSITIVE, whether you want to do the gig or not d. Learn a Few Monologues: comedic and dramatic e. Always Be on Time for auditions, never leave a set without notifying your agent, and/or the AD f. No One Will Represent You-The Product-Better than You, Sell Yourself, Show Your Personality, But Keep Your Professionalism at All Times (Never Let Your Guard Down…if you respect the Art, the Art will respect you) g. If You Are Not Confident, Act Confident (The fruits of your labor will not fall far from the tree of your preparedness. Stay rooted with confidence and everyone will bite.)

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