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Our Lips Came Together Like Hands In A Prayer

She said,

Our lips came together like hands in prayer. I was so nervous but didn’t care. For the first time in my life, it felt perfect; divine even. It felt as right as following rose petals leading to Heaven. I reached over and turned off the alarm clock before it rang. In my head, remnants of a dream; canaries and doves sang. Am I trapped in a garden of a midsummer night’s dream? I looked over and felt the warmth of his back teasing me.

Today, I was to wear my wedding dress. He was married and I was, at best, in a mess. Something so right is as wrong as sin? If my father was alive, I guessed he’d grin and then…

“You are your daddy’s girl, proper, prim and sweet. But ain’t no way in Hell you can pull one on me. Honey, follow your heart, but don’t step one no one else’s. You best settle for less, less you’ll end up helpless.”

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